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Letting a drug addict go can be quite challenging; working with a therapist can help you find the best way to help them. Maybe you have to let them hit rock bottom; perhaps you have to leave to get better. Whatever the case, having the support of a counselor can make it easier for you. Being in love with a drug addict also places you at a higher risk of becoming an addict yourself. Loving a drug addict can be consuming as you try to “fix them” in any way possible. More than falling addicted to the drugs or substances they abuse, people fall addicted to trying to fix them and help them, losing sight of their health and mental wellness. It’s not uncommon to find someone struggling with the predicament of, “I’m in love with a drug addict; what can I do?

  • Therapy can be individual therapy, group therapy, or a combination of each.
  • Addiction is a complex disease, and there’s no amount of threatening or begging that’s going to eliminate the problem.
  • We no longer blame ourselves, others or our loved one for what’s going on.
  • Ordinarily, it’s normal to help out the people we love when they need it, but there’s a difference between helping and enabling.

Olivia S January 26th, 2022 Thank you for explaining that it’s important to understand the difference between helping and enabling. I just found out that my son has some problems with drugs and can’t support his own addiction anymore. I’ll be sure to think a lot about how to help him out without enabling his addiction to stick around. This is another failed marriage for me, me being alone no friends no life. All the odds are against me n he knows it that’s why he walks all over me with his addiction.

Most Important Advice for Someone Seeking to Love an Addict

They don’t tell you that once you see that missed call, you immediately know what it’s about. But they also don’t tell you how you’ll grow as a human just by loving him. You’ll find faith and compassion you didn’t have before. You’ll never stop loving him, but you’ll know that whatever happens, you did what you could and there so much freedom in that.

  • We all need certain things to feel safe enough to put ourselves into the world.
  • Every family is different however, and not everyone is able to reach this point.
  • Let them know that you love them and have always loved them – whether they believe it or not.
  • Learning how to deal with reality is the most important first step in “surviving” when you love an addicted person.
  • Stage an intervention with family, friends, and a professional interventionist or therapist.

You may begin to feel as if you are being taken for a ride. Do you loving an addict live with or do you have a close relationship with an addict?

I’m In Recovery

On the other hand, someone abusing substances can control dopamine levels by increasing the frequency or dose of their drug to maintain the desired effect. While addiction can certainly cause conflict, it can be possible to have a healthy relationship with someone who is willing to take the steps of going through treatment and healing. The best thing you can do for your loved one in recovery is to provide them with support. Remind them that you are available to them and are sending them your love and encouragement every day.

  • Perhaps the essence of detachment with love is responding with choice rather than reacting with anxiety.
  • In 1976, the 12-Step program Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (S.L.A.A.) started hosting weekly meetings based on Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • But recovery from what has been informally called “love addiction” is possible.
  • Although it may be scary to think about giving up behaviors that have formed your “comfort zone,” it may be even more scary for you to think about continuing them.
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